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Throughout history, the main activities in the world have been related to those of the primary sector which includes agriculture, forestry and livestock farming production.

These activities are important both in Developing countries as well as in Developed countries; the main difference is the level of technology applied to the processes.

We have in mind social responsibility, a cleaner and safer environment as well as the interaction between countries and cultures as an increasing source of motivation for our investments and operations.

Activity Areas

The primary interest of Smart Holdings, Inc. is in the food sector. Our main activity at present is the production, processing and trading of organic agricultural products. 

Our focus is on the interaction between developed countries that use technology and knowledge at its best and developing countries which are applying less technology in their processes and as a consequence have a lower production, require more workforces, and finally have less competitive prices in the international markets.

Smart Holdings Inc. is active in organic agriculture and is considering acquiring Greenhouse production, Livestock farming production and renewable energy generation.

Anatolian Walnut Production Company

In operation since 2007 in Turkey, Anatolian Walnut Production Company is engaged in the production of organic walnuts and was acquired by Smart Holdings, Inc. in April 2013




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Latest Developments

Latest Developments

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