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Organic farming practices, through professional methods are not common among small farmers due to difficulties in implementation. This necessitates involvement of professional companies in the development of organic farming.

Smart Holdings, Inc. is an agricultural themed acquisition and investment company, and aims to act as an investment platform providing sustainable and regular dividend returns to shareholders in long term. In scope of activities, 100% of Anatolian Walnut Production Company  http://anatolianwalnut.com was acquired by Smart Holdings Inc. 

Anatolian Walnut Production Company that was acquired by Smart Holdings, was registered in the Istanbul Trade Register Offices in 10/07/2007 in order to produce walnuts. The company that is Anatolian Walnut Production Company, has 40,000 units of planted "Chandler" type walnut trees and its pollenizers on its existing walnut production facility. Anatolian Walnut Production Company is licensed to produce certified seedlings. The company grows 50,000 units of walnut seedlings in a 10,000 sqm area for its own production as well as for sale in its production facility. Tree grafting is made by our company's specialist teams.


"Chandler" and "Goldceviz" are registered trademarks of Anatolian Walnut Production Company. The company has a license of organic production which is recognized internationally and during the production process, harmful pesticides and fertilizers to human health are not used.

In the context of the Ministry Forestry Privatization Regulation, studies are completed for necessary allocation to the Anatolian Walnut Production Company related with forestation and operating of 2,030,000 square meters of land which is around 10 km away from the existing land owned by our company, as a walnut orchard owned by the Turkish Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs. In the negotiations with the competent authorities, it is agreed to rent aforementioned 2,030,000 square meters land for production and operating of walnut based on the economic life of the trees at least 49 years. It is planned that 65,000 unit of trees will be planted in 2,030,000 sqm of land that was allocated from the Turkish Government.


When it reaches its full capacity, the production facility will have 105,000 units of walnut trees in the total of 3,375,000 sqm land. Additional investment is planned for the purpose of collecting, calibration, drying, shelling, cracking, packaging and preserving of walnuts in the year 2015. 


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