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Acquisition and Investment Strategy

Acquisition and Investment Philosophy

The Acquisiton and Investment philosophy of Smart Holdings, Inc.is based on providing risk adjusted, sustainable and stable returns. For this purpose, we aim to create a valuable real asset portfolio in the industries with strong growth potential. This involves acquiring or investing in target companies, which are motivated to create value-add by further enhancing their financial performance as a result of additional capital and know-how provided by Smart Holdings, Inc.

By allowing investors to bring their financial resources together with the other capital market players, Smart Holdings, Inc. allows investors to take part in and receive returns from large scale acquisitions and investments, which cannot normally be performed individually.

Corporate Governance 

Directing resources provided by its shareholders to valuable acquisitons and investments, Smart Holdings, Inc. perceives compliance to corporate governance principles, while conducting its activities in a regulated environment, as its core responsibility to all of its stakeholders.

Acquisition and Investment Valuation Process

The focus of our research is particularly target companies which did not achieve their fair value and which are sufficiently analyzed. In this respect, target companies;

  • directed by a successful management team,
  • acting in the right industry with the right business model; and
  • operating in compliance with regulations and ethical rules.

Our targets are subjected to a detailed analysis process, target company review also involves, legal, financial tax and operational due diligence. The Board of Directors of Smart Holdings, Inc. Management observes interests of our shareholders and makes its final decision on the projects, considered appropriate for investment or acquisition, as a result of these assessments.

Value Added Partnership Model

Smart Holdings, Inc. commitment to the corporate governance principles requires that the companies in its portfolio also improve their governance profile in order to achieve a sustainable financial performance in the long term.

Progress Review

The companies in our portfolio are encouraged to operate in line with the investment philosophy of Smart Holdings, Inc. through regular monitoring of their activities. Prepared by portfolio companies, progress reports including financial and operational key performance indicators are periodically presented to our Board of Directors by the internal audit and reporting department.


Smart Holdings Inc
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