Anatolian Walnut Production Inc. (Anadolu Ceviz Üretim A.Ş.) operating in Turkey where walnut consumption is common. The company has a total of 40,000 units of Chandler type young trees and its pollenizers on its own land that has a size of around 1,350,000 square meters. Moreover, the land and its climate are very suitable for walnut production. The land is surrounded with fence and walls, and has a modern irrigation system along with the fertilizing and maintenance infrastructure. The company has educated, experienced and trained officers and employees. In the coming period, the company is planning to reach a total of 105,000 trees on a total of 3,380,000 sqm land by the addition of 65,000 trees with 2,030,000 sqm of land.

The company has an organic walnut production certificate and is certified for producing seedlings. There are no harmful fertilizers or pesticides used in any part of the production process and it is being inspected constantly. Anadolu Ceviz Üretim is one of the leading companies in the walnut business in terms of the scale and the nature of the investment.



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