Walnut trees are reaching their full capacity in its 11th year. Walnut investment is attractive especially with taking consideration of the advantages such as walnut trees have around 100 years economical life and also their operating and maintaining costs are low after the first three years. Moreover, harvested walnuts have no obligation to be sold in the market immediately and storing costs of the walnuts are low. In addition to that, after considering the consumption and price increase on walnuts based on the fact that walnuts do not contain cholesterol, have a high rate of unsaturated fat and feature a strong antioxidant; we can see the importance of walnuts more clearly. Walnut consumption in Turkey is far above the world average and the walnut is commonly used in Turkish cuisine such as in food, desserts, garniture; Moreover it should be also considered that walnuts are also commonly used in industrial area. 




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