Design Consulting

Our consultants are well regarded and highly experienced in interior and exterior design consulting to provide your living space with the look and feel that resonates your personality, tastes and preferences.   

Project Management

Our project management services are designed to serve the needs of busy professional like yourself by providing you with interior and exterior design consultants who are not only experienced designing your personal space to meet your needs but also in managing all aspects of the project to give a true end to end solution. We work with you from the beginning of any project to identify your needs followed by obtaining bids from contractors, architects, etc. to ensure that the project continues to come to fruition in a time and cost effective manner.

Product Sourcing

We specialize in sourcing all materials for the design project at your home or business at some of the most reasonable prices which essentially reduces your total cost of the project while allowing us to earn our fee from the saving generated on the project.   Our direct relationships with manufacturers, distributors and importers allows us to bring to your unique good quality products such as paintings, furniture, other furnishings, household appliances, flooring, etc. at reasonable prices. 

Wholesale, Distribution & Imports

We have established direct links where we are able to purchase various products at significant discounts to allow us to distribute to other retailers.  Additionally, we direct import varying items including leather goods and belt buckles from China, Thailand, etc.  Please be sure to check our current promotions page to get in on some of the best deals in the market.

Automotive Services

We continue to provide automobile purchasing services for various used car dealership in the Southern California region at nominal commissions.